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Unsure where you place in the ever-changing world of geekdom? Thankfully, Brunching's new, updated "Geek Hierarchy 2.0" chart will help you find your place, even if you're someone who writes erotic versions of Star Trek where all of the characters are furries. Although, here's a hint: If that is you, then things aren't looking too good for you. []


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Corpore Metal

@geekgrrl: Well the mistaken generalization in your case would be that digital gamers never venture beyond their womb-like rooms and this takes a heavy toll on their hygiene and health.

But, again my rant is, that's probably not true either for most of you.

Among the paper-based gamers I've played with we don't really dis the digital gamers for hygiene or anti-social tendencies. We dis 'em because we think they're lazy or uncreative. We dis 'em because they are upstarts playing spoon-fed versions of the games *we* invented first the hard way. If the computer does all the work, where does the creativity come in? How can you change the rules without recompiling the code? Every FPS is essentially a very simple-minded dungeon crawl.

But again, none of this true. It's just stupid elitism.

It's a weird side effect of nerdliness. We generalize and analyze our own subcultures so much we shoot ourselves in the foot constantly.