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Find Your Nerdy Holiday Yule Log Here

An image from the Arendelle Yule Log on Disney+.
An image from the Arendelle Yule Log on Disney+.
Image: Disney+

‘Tis the season for thoughtful presents, festive decorations, and watching several hours of a fire on TV because most of us can’t afford homes with working fireplaces anymore. Disney+ recently unveiled its Frozen-inspired Arendelle Yule Log...but if you don’t have the streaming network, there are plenty of places to find holiday magic to warm your television set.


Below are some of our favorite Holiday Yule Log videos, along with a couple special surprises that will keep your home and family entertained for hours. Anything to keep them from talking about 2020, am I right?

Dumpster Fire

No better way to celebrate 2019 than with a 10-hour long dumpster fire.

Star Wars

Whether you’ve already seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or are waiting until after the in-laws head home, it’s always a good time for more Star Wars. This yule log from Sphero gives us an hour with the cute robot toy.



The time-traveling romance gets its own one-hour yule log complete with quilted blankets, a purring kitten, and Scottish folk music. Perfect for your own romantic entanglement—time-traveling Scotsman is optional.

Cat on a Roomba

BBC tried to distract from this year’s disastrous British election with nine hours of a cat on a roomba. It didn’t work, but the cat is still pretty cute.


(Bonus: You could put on a live video of Goose the Cat from Captain Marvel if that’s more your speed. He may not be a holiday kitty, but he’s still a treasure)


Doctor Who

Get ready for the next season of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who with a two-hour nerdtastic yule log...featuring a cameo from Whittaker’s Doctor herself!


Vacation Simulator

If you haven’t played the VR games Job Simulator or Vacation Simulator, you’re missing out. It’s a heck of a lot of stupid, silly fun. This three-hour yule log teaser shows off the cutesy artwork and fun tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s less of a holiday yule log and more of a, well, Holiday Simulator.


Captain America’s House

Welcome to Captain America’s Brooklyn home, where you can unwind for an hour with his rustic decor and classic 1940s holiday jams. You may not get that last dance with Peggy, but it’s still something to celebrate.


Kitten Cocktail Party

If you’re looking for a break from the traditional Yule Log, Hulu released an 18-minute video featuring the world’s cutest cocktail party. Kittens in dresses, tuxes, and sweaters galavant to the music over a bit too much catnip. It’s cute enough that you may end up playing it over and over again.


Olive Garden

So...this exists.

Gretel & Hansel

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like creepy kids whispering and witch hands!

Star Wars Darth Vader

Always good to end on a classic. Let the past die, kill it if you have to.

Happy Almost 2020.

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