Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Keanu Reeves just spilled the plot of his new Day The Earth Stood Still remake, and Brandon Routh has some insights into the Superman Returns sequel. There's also a video that showcases Shia LaBoeuf's "man of action" side in the new Indiana Jones movie. And there are tons of new details about upcoming Battlestar, Smallville and Lost episodes, including some crazy Lost rumors. Finally, there's a Doctor Who trailer, and some rumors about who's moving to Torchwood next year. Basically, "morning spoilers" does just what it says on the label. (Including the stuff about side effects.)

The Day The Earth Stood Still

The remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still takes a slightly different tack from the original's focus on nuclear wars, says Klaatu actor Keanu Reeves. This time, it's all about global warming. Says Keanu:

The first one was borne out of the cold war and nuclear détente. Klaatu came and was saying cease and desist with your violence. If you can't do it yourselves we're going to do it. That was the film of that day... The version I was just working on, instead of being man against man, it's more about man against nature. My Klaatu says that if the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the earth survives. I'm a friend to the earth.


The message goes beyond environmentalism into "who we are as a species," he adds. Meanwhile, Gort will look way cooler this time around, but the "Klaatu barada nikto" line remains. [MTV, via Screenrant]

Battlestar Galactica:

On Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck's efforts to prove she's telling the truth are hindered by the fact that her Viper is in pristine condition. Plus she puts a gun to the head of "a certain authority figure" to try to change the fleet's course in the wrong direction from Earth.


Meanwhile, there's tension between Cylons Six and Brother Cavill, over Cavill's unethical treatment of the Cylon raiders. Cavill also picks up a new love interest, whom he makes out with. Gaius Baltar gets laid with a human (as we heard the other day), and his bed-partner cries during sex.

Tom Zarek passes some classified information along to "a new colleague," to stir up trouble. And one of Galactica's crew members learns the truth about three of the four newly revealed Cylons as soon as episode three. (Since that's the episode where Cally reputedly dies, you can draw your own conclusions.) Meanwhile, the fourth secret Cylon (probably Anders) has "jumped ship" after having made "eye contact" with a Centurion. [Digital Spy]

Superman II

The sequel to Superman Returns probably won't feature General Zod. But it will give Superman an adversary with massive physical power, so he'll face a real challenge this time, says actor Brandon Routh. [Comic Book Resources]


Indiana Jones

Shia LaBoeuf gets physical on the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in this new behind-the-scenes video. Apparently he's not just channeling Fonzie with his motorcycle-riding, but also doing some sword-fighting on a truck and juggling a switchblade. [TrekMovie]


Lost season four episode 10, airing in April or May, features a character named Dr. Stillman, a kind but no-nonsense psychiatrist who reaches a wall with a patient (Hurley?) and has to reach out for help. Also, the ninth episode isn't called "Bakir," but rather "The Shape Of Things To Come." [Doc Arzt]


Karl is probably dead, says actor Blake Bashoff, but the producers hope to have him back "in some capacity." And there was a scene cut from the end of the latest episode which showed the snipers in camouflage uniforms. But we may not have seen the last of Rousseau. Meanwhile, we haven't seen the last of the purple sky this season, but we probably won't revist the Swan Hatch implosion. The Oceanic Six are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron. And apparently we will learn more about the four-toed statue and Black Rock, after all. And you won't be shocked to hear that Claire is "in trouble," since Aaron makes it off the island and she doesn't. [Spoilers Lost]

And here are some completely unreliable rumors: In an upcoming episode, Charlie comes walking out of the forest and asks Hurley for a favor. But only Hurley and Ben can see Charlie's ghost. Jack won't have any episodes focusing on him this season, but in an upcoming episode we'll learn how Rousseau came to the island. And that mystery coffin? It's Locke's. Locke actually gets off the island, but then loses the ability to walk and becomes depressed, finally killing himself. []

Doctor Who:

We posted a low-quality copy of the trailer for Doctor Who season four which appeared in British theaters a while back, but now it's appeared on television and on the BBC's UK-only website. You can see the rampaging Sontarans, the deranged Ood, the killer wasp from the Agatha Christie episode, and the Doctor's visit to Pompeii more clearly in this version:


Meanwhile on Torchwood, there are more rumors that both Tosh and Owen die at the end of this season (in a couple of weeks.) And both Mickey and Martha will be crossing over to join the cast of Torchwood full-time in the show's third season. Finally, there's speculation that because Jack will be less prominent in Torchwood next year, he might be appearing in the four Doctor Who "gap year" specials. [Stuff I've Seen This Week]


The big Smallville death that happens in April sets off a huge new conflict between Clark and Lex, who remains determined to discover the secrets of Clark's cousin Kara. And the season finale "could go either way" for Lex, who's not back as a regular character in season eight. Meanwhile, the May 1 episode sees a "final showdown" between Clark and Brainiac. Final! Really! [Entertainment Weekly]