Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

While we were running around like headless Terminators at Wondercon, spoilers were exploding all over the internet. In particular, there's a bunch of new info about Battlestar Galactica season four, which was so significant one of the show's writers had to comment. Plus there are new hints for Star Trek, X-Files 2, Speed Racer, and of course Lost, the most-spoiled show on TV. Click through to wake up with a spoilery jolt.

Here's a complete list of titles of the first ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica season four, which is probably all we'll see this year:

  • "He That Believeth in Me" by David Weddle and Bradley Thompson
  • "Six of One" by Michael Angeli
  • "The Ties That Bind" by Michael Taylor
  • "Escape Velocity" by Jane Espenson
  • "The Road Less Travelled " by Mark Verheiden
  • "Faith" by Seamus Kevin Fahey
  • "Guess What's Coming to Dinner" by Michael Angeli
  • "Sine Qua Non" by Michael Taylor
  • "The Hub" by Jane Espenson
  • "Revelations" by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle

A longstanding character "exits" in "The Ties That Bind," which is probably the rumored Cally suicide. "Sine Qua Non" features the return of a favorite character, who's had a crisis since we last saw him/her. "Faith" is the episode about President Roslin's cancer returning, where she ends up in bed next to Nana Visitor (Deep Space Nine) who's a fan of Baltar's radio broadcasts.


Also, the "Boomer" version of Sharon Valerii is "back in a big way" this season. And besides Cally, at least one other longstanding character dies during season four. And we'll see much more of "a place that we're going to call Earth," says co-creator Ron Moore. And yes, Lucy Lawless' cylon D'Anna comes back, because other cylons "unbox" her to find out what she knows. It's a pivotal moment in the season. We won't find out who the final cylon is until late in the season (so maybe not until 2009), but meanwhile there will be tons of space battles. [Chicago Tribune]

But writer Mark Verheiden cautions that even if these spoilers were true before, they may no longer true because the writers had a chance to re-assess some stuff during the long writers' strike. Also, here's a roundup of some stuff that's already come out about the new BSG season.

More spoilers:

There's a pervasive rumor that Tom Cruise will have a cameo in the new Star Trek movie, especially since he spent hours on the set the other day. He'd come in handy if the Enterprise has to fight Xenu. [TrekToday]


  • Hey, here are some blurry photos of a toy that sort of gives a clue about what Racer X's car looks like in Speed Racer! [Latino Review]
  • X-Files 2 probably won't be about werewolves, given the fact that the production team leaked yet another fake werewolf pic. Or maybe it's a double fake-out, and the movie really is about werewolves? [CinemaBlend]
  • Cloverfield 2 may not repeat the first movie's handheld camera trick, and may have a new and different monster, J.J. Abrams hinted. [Bloody Disgusting]
  • We'll meet some new freighter people on this week's Lost, including George Minkowski (Fisher Stevens), who may just be pretending to experience what Desmond experiences. Plus a guy known only as the Doctor (yes, I know), and two heavies. [DocArzt]
  • And episode seven of this Lost season features Jin and Sun getting off the island. And Juliet has to reveal some shocking news to Jin, when Sun threatens to defect to Locke's camp. (Probably the fact that the only way Sun will survive her pregnancy is to escape the island.) Also, Zoe Bell from Grindhouse does some stunts! And Sayid and Desmond meet the freighter's captain. [Wired]
  • And the kid named Aaron that Kate is mothering in last week's flash-forwards? Yes, it is Claire's kid Aaron, actress Evangeline Lilly confirms. [Lost Spoilers]
  • And here's a new trailer for the upcoming episodes of Smallville, which start in mid-March: