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Alabama and Florida may border one another, but according to this calculator that shows which countries your state's quality of life resembles most closely, they are a world apart. While Florida most strongly resembles Canada, Alabama is closer to Estonia.


The calculator, which was put together by the OECD, takes eight factors into account: income, jobs, health, access to services, environment, education, safety, and civic engagement. The OECD has long compiled a list of quality of life rankings around the world.

This regional comparison measure, though, is a new tool the OECD just came out with, explaining "national averages can mask our actual well-being as experienced where we live and work." In addition to comparing U.S. states, the calculator also breaks down the data into comparison for regions and countries throughout the world.


You can check out the calculator right here — and then tell us in the comments if the comparisons for your region match up with your experiences, or if they surprise you.

Top image: New York at night / Trodel .

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