Find Out What Was Cut from The Incredible Hulk

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Wondering just what you're missing in the now-mythical 70 minutes of cut footage from The Incredible Hulk? Turns out that you don't have to wait for the DVD release to find out, just crack open a copy of the movie's tie-in novel by longtime Hulk comic writer Peter David. Or, alternatively, let someone else do so and then read the summary of missing scenes that they post online. We're helping you with that latter option under the jump.


Comic site 4thLetter took the time to compare the finished version of Marvel's smashfest with David's novelization and came away surprisingly relieved that someone had taken the scissors to Ed Norton's vision:

With Incredible Hulk, the good outweighed the bad in terms of cuts. God, did it ever. Yes, there was definitely some stuff that should have stayed in there. No doubt. It's just that a lot of scenes that got ousted had the potential to be really bad. Really bad. I'm talking Superman's cellophane S projectile bad. I'm talking Matt Murdock fighting Elektra at the playground bad. I'm talking the entirety of Rise of the Silver Surfer bad. It's cool that I count that movie as one long, horrible scene, right?

I really am the only person who kind of enjoyed FF2, aren't I...? Turns out that we're not missing a lot in the extra scenes, although there's a couple of awesome Easter Eggs in there for fans of the comic (An Amadeus Cho cameo? Who would've seen that coming?), but that one scene that everyone already knows about in the Arctic...? Here it is:

The opening scene, which appears to be the kind of thing to take place before the credits, has a truck driving through the arctic. Bruce Banner asks the driver to stop when they're in the middle of nowhere. Then he gets out and walks away. The driver is confused, but drives off anyway. Banner walks through the blizzard, pulls out a pistol and tries to off himself. His arm won't let him and he unwillingly pulls the gun away from his head and fires it empty. Then he falls to the ground, hoping to die from the cold, but transforms into the Hulk instead. As the Hulk, he smashes the ground and breaks it into icebergs.

This was probably going to be where the hyped Captain America appearance was going to take place. I suppose that without Namor in the cards, they would just have Hulk be the one to smash up the arctic and release his frozen body into the water. From what I understand, a version of this scene is in the videogame.

Whoever decided to cut this scene is a total pussy.

Wait, was that going to be the fabled Captain America cameo...? Guess we'll just have to wait for the DVD to find out after all.

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@Final: If you really want to freak people out, how about portraying the 40's and 50's the way they actually were - not as the sanitized squeaky clean culture the media loves to idealize. If we're honest, I'm not so sure Cap would feel so out of place in the here and now.