Here's a new trailer for X-Files 2, which was shown at Paley Fest yesterday. It includes way more of Mulder and Scully than the version shown at Wondercon. Sadly, though, it's another migraine-inducing cameraphone copy. Incredibly minor spoilers below.

Once again we see the footage of Billy Connolly leading a small army of FBI agents on some sort of manhunt across the snow, and then digging the snow with his hands. Mulder tells Scully he needs her on this case, and Scully says, "That's what scares me." There's also a very romantic moment with Mulder's hand on Scully's face, as if he's about to kiss her. Oh, and some kind of weird autopsy-looking thing. The video probably won't cause epilepsy, but we make no promises. [X-Files News]


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