If you love classic characters mashed into bizarre horror stories, then you need Jeff Conner's short story collection Classics Mutilated. We've got exclusive art and a short story from the book so you can sample at will.

Download the whole story "Pokky Man" here [PDF]. Marc Laidlaw, the author, has this to say:

When I was invited to write a story for Classics Mutilated, my first inspiration was something called "Trismegistus Shandy." But brushing up on Hermetic studies and rereading Tristram Shandy in hopes of boiling it down to the story of a necromancer with ADD, only sounded like fun until I contemplated how little I really knew of each. What I needed was something more easily discoverable by pilfering my own shelves of books, toys and DVDs―the sort of stuff that Youtube mash-ups are made of. In the end, the title appeared out of nowhere and dictated the story, but it was made of elements that already had their roots in me. I have played a fair bit of Pokemon in my day, and Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man is one of my very favorite films, both for its haunting story and for Herzog's pervasive voice (the ultimate parody of which has already been captured in the short film "Grizzly Bear Man," a parody by "travisandjohnson," which may itself be found on YouTube). I hope my story conveys my deep affection for all these inspirational elements: Werner Herzog, Tim Treadwell, and Pikachu.


These illustrations from the book are by Michael Dubisch.

You can check out the book on publisher IDW's site here.


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