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Find out if your house will be underwater by 2100

Illustration for article titled Find out if your house will be underwater by 2100

We all know sea levels are rising — since 1880, global sea levels have risen by about 8 inches, and the rate of rise is increasing every year — but what sort of effect can we expect these increases to have on our day-to-day lives?


One way to measure their impact is to forecast the direct effect that rising seas will have on where we live. The folks at Climate Central have put together an interactive map application that lets you see how rising seas will effect coastal regions of the United States over the next century. The map offers an impressive level of detail, allowing you to zoom down to the level of individual neighborhoods and linking to statistics, factsheets,and even action plans.

The entire applet is built around 2 recently published, peer reviewed papers, which you can read here (no subscription required): [1, 2].


So is your home at risk of being underwater by 2100? 2080? Or even 2050? Find out. [Climate Central]

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I live near the downtown of Cowtown (er, Columbus) OH, but I have to wonder; with the rise of oceans, and the fact that major rivers (like the Mississippi) connect with the sea, then other rivers connect with those (like the Ohio), and smaller rivers and streams... much of an increase in major flooding will there be as a result of that rise in the oceans? After major floods here in Columbus (the last big one was in 1959) there were floodwalls and dams set up to alleviate the problem. But with more water coming down the way, it seems to me that cities may want to think about that too.