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Welcome to the spoiler mothership. Now that the American remake of British cult hit Life On Mars has a totally new team in charge, it sounds like they're taking some liberties with the story of a cop who travels back in time to 1973 — and everything you know from the British version may turn out to be wrong. Meanwhile, co-writer Frank Spotnitz reveals what happens in the last scene of the new X-Files movie. There are new Dragonball details and Star Wars trailers. And we spy on the Battlestar Galactica filming for maybe the last time ever. Plus we have incredibly detailed Knight Rider spoilers, and some details on Chuck, Heroes, Lost and Stargate Atlantis. The spoiler mothership has no escape pods, but many tractor beams.



The Dragonball live-action movie follows a boy named Goku, who tries to fulfill his dying grandpa's request to find a great master and unite seven balls of power, to prevent an alien's rise to power. Jamie Chung (Samurai Girl) plays Chi Chi, a strong female character with martial arts skills. [Sci Fi Wire]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here are a couple of new TV spots for the upcoming Clone Wars animated movie. [KamuiWeb]

X-Files 2:

Neither Scully nor Mulder dies at the end of X-Files: I Want To Believe. The movie focuses on the power of their relationship, and the final scene is just the two of them together, says co-writer Frank Spotnitz. []

Battlestar Galactica:

Right before Battlestar Galactica wrapped filming, fans noticed a Baltar/Six scene filming downtown in Vancouver. It featured Baltar wearing a suit and Six in her va-va-voom red dress, with really big hair. So it's probably a head-Baltar/Six scene. It had lots of extras wandering around them, but probably wasn't taking place on Caprica. [Television Without Pity forums]


Life On Mars:

More details about how the American Life On Mars alters the storyline of the British cult hit about a cop who time travels via head injury. The new producers hinted that we'll learn that Sam Tyler definitely isn't in a coma, or at least there may be more to it than that. "If he was ultimately just in a coma, or it was all a dream, it felt unsatisfying," says executive producer Josh Appelbaum. "So we made it a deeper mystery."


In the second episode, Sam writes on the blackboard 13 different possible explanations for his time-traveling, including the idea that he's on "a separate plane of reality." We won't have to worry about Sam changing the future through his travel back to 1973, because it's not really a time-travel show. Or maybe it is. But really it's something "much deeper" than time travel. I'm actually hoping, for the first time, that the U.S. version doesn't get cancelled after a week, because it'll be entertaining to see where they go with taking the simplicity of the British version and making it "deeper." [Sci Fi Wire]

The Sarah Jane Adventures:

The new producer of the kid-friendly Doctor Who spinoff, Nikki Smith, revealed some more details about the second season. After Maria and her dad move out of Sarah Jane's neighborhood in the first story, the Chandra family moves in to their house. The daughter, Rani, wants to be a journalist and looks up to Sarah Jane. But it doesn't sound as though Rani is THE Rani or anything. Also, a "rogue" Sontaran appears in both the first and last stories of the season, and the evil Miss Wormwood's return happens in the final story. (Which is the one with the Brigadier.) Bradley Walsh plays an alien who has three identities. And the Doctor may indeed show up. [SFX]



Peter gets a bullet in the back of the head (probably from when Future Claire shoots him). And whoever Ali Larter's playing this week gets her throat slashed, with tons of blood everywhere. Also, when Hiro stops time, his speedster nemesis Daphne just slows to normal speed. (I was wondering how that was going to work.) And here's a new pic of Hiro and Daphne. [Heroes The Series]

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And Hayden Panettiere hinted that she plays two characters in the upcoming season — presumably present Claire and Future Evil Claire. She may not be the only person who gets to have an evil doppleganger. [Show Biz Spy]



Here's the first picture of Nicole Richie as Sarah's old high-school rival, from an upcoming episode of Chuck. (Click to enlarge.) [Entertainment Weekly, via Chuck Online]

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Stargate Atlantis:

In the 16th episode of the current Stargate Atlantis season, "Brain Storm," Rodney McKay has a reunion with his old school frenemy, Malcolm Tunney, who's gone on to fame and fortune. Meanwhile, Rodney hasn't published in years and can't tell anyone what he really does. Rodney brings Dr. Jennifer Keller back to Earth as his "date" for Tunney's scientific presentation, in a secret desert facility. Tunney is about to test a device so important, the room is full of big-wigs. But some of Tunney's colleagues have warned of disastrous consequences should he activate the device. He switches it on, and the room's temperature drops — it seems like the device is a weather-controller, which could help to combat global warming. Everybody applauds, until they realize the device can't be shut down, and it endangers the lives of everyone there. [Spoiler Geeks]



A few more tidibits about Lost season five. Actor Harold Perrineau was annoyed his character, Michael, was killed off, but the producers promise the show will be an "equal opportunity murderer" in the future, killing lots of white people. [TenGossip]


Knight Rider:

Another batch of Knight Rider script pages have gotten leaked, for the episode "A Hard Day's Knight." The Feds intercept a kid carrying a briefcase, but it turns out not to be the briefcase they're looking for — someone is being tricky and using the kid as a distraction. The feds need to get their hands on a bad guy who smuggled stolen National Security Agency intelligence to North Korea. Mike wears a Mission Impossible-style mask to meet the evil courier, pretending to be someone else, and then gets the drop on him.


Then Mike has to go undercover as the courier to get the goods on his bosses. Mike has to use KITT's technical wizardry to put on the courier's voice and fake the courier's retinal scans. They give Mike the case containing the "goods," but then they inject him with a hypodermic needle in the neck! The bad guy, Ash, explains that he's ensured Mike's loyalty by poisoning him! Oh noes! He has three hours before his nervous system shuts down, and he doesn't get the antidote until he makes the drop. Worst yet, Mike may have to miss a wedding he's supposed to go to with Sarah, his not-really-a-girlfriend.

Mike is struggling to complete his mission as the poison drains his strength. Wearing his Mission Impossible mask again, he has to get a ladies' purse from a coat check, and feels all embarrassed. He's searching through a crowded convention center, using computer vision that makes him all confused and wigged out, looking for his target. And his concentration is going. He finally identifies his target: a rich inspirational speaker named Damien Richards, founder and CEO of Innovative Technologies. Mike can barely walk, but luckily KITT has escape routes planned and is going to come get him. Mike shoots Richards and runs away.


Two police officers show up. KITT advises him against engaging in a physical confrontation in his weakened state, but he says "too late" and decks both cops with brutal efficiency. The murder of Damien Richards is all over the news. Worst yet, there may not be any antidote for the poison. But then it turns out that Mike didn't really kill that Richards guy — it was fake blood. Phew! The fake blood tastes like cherries.

Later, Sarah and someone named Rivai corner Ash and demand the antidote at gunpoint. Rivai says right now Ash is only facing attempted murder of a government agent, but if Mike dies it becomes actual real murder, for reals. Ash pulls out a vial, but then smashes it on the ground! Nooo! Sarah soaks up some of the liquid using her shirt and then gives it to KITT the supercar to analyze. [Spoiler TV]


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