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Find Out How That Creepy Doll Got so Creepy in Annabelle: Creation Trailer

Still: YouTube
Still: YouTube
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It’s a sequel to a spinoff of The Conjuring that’s technically a prequel to the spinoff, which in itself was a prequel to the original film. And they say possessed dolls are the scariest part about The Conjuring Universe (yes, that’s what it’s called now).


The first trailer for Annabelle: Creation is here, and we finally learn the truth about how the demonic doll barely featured in the original film, which got its own prequel spinoff a short time later, actually came into being. We learn that a dollmaker and his wife created Annabelle several years after their daughter was hit by a car and killed. Now (technically then), she’s ready to make some orphan girls feel right at home when they come live in the remote farmhouse.

The first Annabelle film performed extremely well at the box office, along with every other film in The Conjuring franchise so far, but it wasn’t exactly good. This trailer doesn’t inspire a bunch of confidence, coming off as unoriginal and contrived— especially when compared to the first film. When combined with the original book author’s lawsuit against Warner Bros. that, in addition to demanding $900-million, requested an injunction against Annabelle: Creation’s release— it seems like trouble is brewing for the upcoming horror flick. You can watch the trailer below. Annabelle: Creation comes out August 11... unless it doesn’t.


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living on video

Will it explain why the parents chose to immortalized their child in the form of the most hideous-looking doll imaginable? I mean dolls, like clowns, are creepy in part because they weren’t intended to be, and partly because the uncanny valley effect makes it hard to read their intentions. When Hollywood amps up the horror in their design, it pretty much betrays what makes them scary to begin with.

Talky Tina is scarier than a hundred Annabelles. (I gave myself the willies just running a Google image search)