Finally, Your Action Figures Have a Place to Pee

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You can equip your action figures with all manner of vehicles, weapons, fortresses, and accessories needed to conquer baddies and/or take over the world. But conquering a full bladder? For some reason that problem is only finally being addressed in the year 2017 with these long-overdue action figure-sized potties.

Designed for use with 12-inch tall “deluxe” action figures, there are three different versions of these Mabell toilets you can install in a miniature HQ, including a western-style model (left), a urinal (middle), and a Japanese-style model (right), which requires users squat over them to use. They each come with doors and walls that can be removed to better display your figures in these private moments, and while they don’t actually deal with the waste products of 1:6-scale plastic people, they’ll still set you back around $60 each when they become available this November.

[BigBadToyStore via Toy News International]

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No sinks? How do you wash your hands?