Finally, You Can Use VR to Hide From Jurassic Park's Dinosaurs

Finally, you can also get killed by a raptor in VR.
Finally, you can also get killed by a raptor in VR.
Screenshot: YouTube

High on the list of things you’d rather not actually be doing has got to be running around Jurassic Park with a bunch of ferocious, free-roaming dinosaurs. You may, however, may want to emulate the experience from the comfort of your own home.


Jurassic World: Aftermath gives you that opportunity. Set two years after the events of Jurassic World, this VR experience sends you to the island to recover some important data. Unfortunately, that whole dinosaur problem hasn’t been resolved yet. They’re still running around the island and you have to get in and out without being eaten.

The game was developed for Oculus Quest and will be available soon. Check out the fun trailer.

For more on the game, visit the official site.

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Make it no cel shaded and make it available on real VR platforms, then I’ll buy.