Finally, Transformers Products More Absurd Than Michael Bay's Movies

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Do you like the Transformers? Do you like robbing convenience stores? Then you'll love these insane Transformers trucker hats, which for some reason feature masks allowing you to... uh... rob convenience stores. Seriously, this is the only conceivable reason someone would willingly wear these.


As you can see, both Optimus Prime/Autobot and Megatron/Decepticon versions are available, sold individually for $22 here and here, respectively. Consider your choice carefully: Wearing the Megatron mask will increase your intimidation factor, which could make store clerks and customers more receptive to your commands, but wearing the heroic Optimus mask might confuse your target slightly, allowing you more time to stick them up. Either way, you'll be more than meets the eye!

...which will also be helpful when you're in a police line-up later.

[Via Fashionably Geek]

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To be used so that no-one will see you going into a theater to watch these movies. Can replace the time-honored favorite:

(Ironically, this picture is labelled as being Shia LeBouf. :P )