Finally! The villain of Pixar's Brave is revealed!

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While we've seen some gorgeous clips of Pixar's Scottish fairy tale Brave (showcasing the main character Merida's gorgeous red mane) but we've yet to see the movie's evil nemesis. We're guessing this was all done to keep most of the story secret, as Pixar likes to do. But now a few stills and a brand new clip finally reveal who the big bad in Brave really is.


Spoilers ahead...

She's a witch! Take a look below. Plus we've got loads of excellent new Brave clips, and a quick look behind-the-scenes at the Scots who made this picture.

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Thanks to Collider, we have a good look at a new old witch! Who is officially described as the "crafty carver":

Deep in the overgrown Highland forest, a ramshackle blackhouse cottage is home to the Crafty Carver. This seemingly harmless, eccentric and long-in-the-tooth crone specializes in the whittling of wooden bear trinkets, figurines and curios. But the mysterious recluse is more than meets the eye. When Merida sees through the guise and reveals her as the Witch she truly is, Merida begs for a magical solution to her problems. The Witch begrudgingly gives in, conjuring a haphazard spell with an obscure riddle, which hold Merida's fate in the balance.

She's very Disney-esque isn't she? Looks like another solid vote towards the current pop culture trend towards fantasy, fairy tales and old magic. Collider also has a few shots of the adorable wisps, who lead the Highlanders to treasure or doom.

Here's a quick "commercial" where you can see the witch in action. It feels like the Mother of Ursula and the hag from Snow White.

A new featurette introduces you to the actors behind the characters, so glad they kept almost all of the folks authentically Scottish.

And finally, here's a brand new clip. So far, so good. We know the first half is great — let's just hope they can stick the landing. Brave will be in theaters on June 22nd.



I was kind of wondering if the villain was some how going to be her hair.