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Finally, The Jersey Devil Gets His Own Movie

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Step aside Bigfoot and Nessie — it's the Jersey Devil's chance to shine. The latest in the Sci Fi Channel's legendarily horrific series of TV movies turns the spotlight on this little creature, along with a few other new ideas. Besides bat creatures, we're also getting cowboy aliens and wild Afghan snakes. The newly announced slate of upcoming Sci Fi originals from production company RHI (Tin Man) won't disappoint those looking for bad acting and even worse special effects.First in the deal is Alien Western, which is set in the 1890s, featuring big bug machines who attack the wild west townspeople (I'm assuming this will get all kinds of steampunky). Next up is Sand Serpents, starring Jason Gedrick. Set in Afghanistan, the movie follows a group of American soldiers who are under attack from the Taliban... and giant carnivorous serpents. The third newly announced film is titled Carney, and is based on the Jersey Devil legend. A sideshow attraction escapes and terrorizes the town. Next year promises to be a new peak for the Sci Fi Channel's TV movie originals, since the channel cut costs last year for these special projects. RHI's Halmi Jr. explained that, "Last season, we did a third of all of Sci Fi's movies...What sets our product apart is that we spend more money so that we can get a better cast and have better production values onscreen." Hooray for cowboy aliens and bat creatures. I'm dying to see if they can top David Hasselhoff's Anaconda III. But I know nothing can ever beat Mansquito. [The Hollywood Reporter]


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