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Finally, The Difference Between Eleventh Hour And Fringe Explained!

Illustration for article titled Finally, The Difference Between Eleventh Hour And Fringe Explained!

Have you been wondering how Eleventh Hour, Jerry Bruckheimer's fear-the-science show, is different than Fringe, J.J. Abrams' fear-the-science show? Producer Ethan Reiff explains. Says Reiff:

The thing is, on paper perhaps — at one glance — a sentence or a half-a-paragraph about Eleventh Hour and Fringe will look like 'Uh oh, those are the same.' If you watch the two shows or read a script from the two shows they are as diametrically different... I don't want to say diametrically opposed because they're the not the opposition in any way, but they're so different that they couldn't be more different...


Perhaps sensing that Reiff is digging himself deeper and deeper, fellow producer Cyrus Voris chimes in: "We have Rufus Sewell, they have Pacey from Dawson's Creek." Eleventh Hour airs tonight at 10 on CBS. [Zap2It]

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Annalee Newitz

My guess is that in Eleventh Hour science will be evil, whereas in Fringe it's just misunderstood.