As frustrating as The Tomorrow People can get, and as dim as the Tomorrow People often are, at least this show offers a few reasons to cheer sometimes. Like the scene immortalized in this GIF. Spoilers ahead...

GIF via Natasha Rowanoff.

Above is the awesome moment from the end of the episode, where Hillary blows up herself and the Founder (although chances are, he survived) with the help of Astrid phoning her up and setting off a remote-controlled bomb. As a means of getting around the ridiculously arbitrary "mutants can't kill" rule, it's pretty elegant.


Before that, however, the episode is one long Tomorrow Clusterfuck. Because apparently Stephen isn't the only mutant who's gullible and kind of bad at planning — there must be some compensating reduction in brain power to go along with those new mutant powers.

In last night's episode, Stephen's Dad is back from the dead, and he wants two things:


1) To take down the Machine which can kill every human being on the planet, the Machine which Stephen has already test-driven because they told him it dispenses gumdrops and rainbows.

2) To spend a bit of time with his family.

But the Tomorrow People are pissed that Roger isn't just devoting his undivided attention to their mutant savior complex and leading them to the mythical Refuge. So first John has to have homoerotic dominance fighting with the guy he feels guilty about shooting, and get himself hurt on purpose. (It's the Mutant Way.) And then some of the mutants decide to get all bitchy and rebellious, and go off to Ultra, led by a mean blonde lady we've never seen before, who is clearly being set up to die or become evil. Or both. Russell goes along with them, and manages to get himself injected with the Ultra "tracker."


And then, because Admiral Ackbar is not a Tomorrow People, Roger and Stephen rush off into a trap, trying to destroy the Machine on some barge somewhere. John shows up and this time he actually kicks Roger's butt, because John wants to sacrifice himself in Roger's place. Unfortunately, John only succeeds in getting himself caught and — in a shocking Carrie-esque scene — depowered.

The best bits of the episode, apart from Astrid and Hillary blowing shit up together, involve Roger reconnecting with his family. Especially Jedikiah, who I guess really is being set up to be redeemed now? Like, Jedikiah ran an organization that hunted and experimented on mutants for years, but it's okay because he was trying to stop the Founder using the Machine and killing all the humans? Or something. In any case, it's good that Roger's return wasn't saved for the season finale, so we get to see him interacting a bit more - and maybe by the end of the season, he can start showing more sides than just "saintly forgiving everybody and bringing people together guy."


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