Yay for Julian, the Traveler inhabiting Tyler's body, for doing what needs to be done, on last night's Vampire Diaries. Seriously, did anybody else spend half an hour shouting at the screen for somebody to do this? Spoilers ahead...


Just how selfish are Stefan and Elena? They're so afraid to give up their immortal lives, they're willing to condemn everybody they love to oblivion (including Damon and Caroline) and possibly eliminate magic from the ENTIRE WORLD. You would have expected Stefan, at least, to opt for nobly sacrificing himself the moment it became clear that the continued existence of both doppelgangers would enable the Travelers to undo all magic, everywhere.

(Speaking of which, was the fact that the Travelers' spell would undo all magic mentioned at all prior to this episode? It seemed like the show just sort of pulled it out of a hat — shouldn't this have been the sort of information you might want to make a dramatic, stakes-raising reveal? Like, a few episodes ago?)


Let's just tally all the horrible decisions that brought Stefan to the point where he absolutely needed to die. First, Stefan couldn't accept Elena being a vampire, and launched a crazy quest to get the cure for immortality. That led to Silas coming back from the dead, and Jeremy dying (which led to Bonnie dying and becoming the Anchor of the other side.) Then Stefan helped Silas cure his immortality so he could be killed. The death of Silas meant that the Travelers could finally have just one Stefan-shaped doppelganger in the world.

Then Stefan helped the travelers to track down and kill his innocent doppleganger, thus putting their (even at the time) obviously evil scheme into motion. After that, Stefan and Elena flailed around, doing everything in their power to make things worse — and when it was obvious that the Travelers needed both doppelgangers to work their spell, they didn't get as far away from each other as possible. Seriously. Send Stefan to Nepal and Elena to Antarctica. Send them far, far away. The Travelers aren't immortal. Just hole up for 60 years and then you'll probably be fine. Worst case scenario: Wait a few hundred years until there's another copy of one of you.

But no. They stuck together, making them easier to grab, and then basically offered themselves up. And when it was clear that they were going to die one way or another, they still opted to keep living for a few minutes longer, at the cost of god knows how many other lives.

So glad Stefan finally reaped the reward he's been slowly earning for the past two seasons. Even though I kind of love Stefan, I also hope this is permanent. (It won't be.)


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