FINALLY, Once Upon A Time Answers Some Questions

Why is everyone back in Storybrooke? Where did their memories go? Last night, Once Upon Time made big leaps forward in answering the hard questions. Unfortunately, all the answers seemed to be "because magic." But we'll take what we can get.

First up, Sleeping Beauty and What's-His-Face finally come clean about selling out Snow and everyone. They reveal in the past Enchanted Forest timeline that Zelena wants her baby, and that they were to inform her of their presence when she landed. Although I'm not sure exactly when Snow White knew she was pregnant, but that could just be me misremembering.


Zelena shows up and immediately turns them into flying monkeys. Good.

Later on in the episode the main casts kills a whole mess of flying monkeys, we can only hope these two were included. JK — I don't want Mulan to be alone.

Meanwhile, Regina is wearing a double bun and it is FANTASTIC.


And then returns with this triumphant 'do. She. Is. Killing. It.


Basically, some chatter is had in fairy tale land, and they all decide to find Rumpelstiltskin. Bing-bang-boom, they find the Dark One, imprisoned and alone in his own castle. But not before Regina lays this line on Robin Hood: "Where you come from, people bathe in rivers and use pinecones for money." Again, KILLING IT.

There Rumps tells them they have to go and find the good witch Glinda. And that they do. Last week when it was revealed that the actress Sunny Mabrey would be playing Glinda a commenter sent me a link to her vine work (thank you, Pandemonium). It was wonderful — behold:

Needless to say, my expectations were high.

But alas, we did not get a bubbly pink princess. Instead we got a very pretty, soft spoken witch. Less beginning of Wicked, more end of Wicked.

Not complaining, just sharing this great video, because it made me laugh. So Glinda came and went, after sharing the knowledge that "light magic" can kill Zelena. And that the GIGANTIC necklace she's always wearing (that matches Glinda's) is the source of her power. But I think we all knew that anyway.


Back on Earth, Hook is kidnapped in the trunk of a car. Then reappears and tries to kidnap Henry to save his life. It doesn't go as planned.


Lot's of messy things continue to happen on Earth, and eventually all the adults agree it's time for Henry to have his "belief" back, so they can break the curse. So there's a mad dash to find Henry and re-magic him, before Zelena can strangle him. How is this solved? By handing him the book, because magic makes rules easy.

So they give Henry the book, Zelena strangles him, Emma uses her light magic to burn Zelena's face, and Regina kisses Henry — thus restoring everyone's memory.


You see, it was Show White and Charming who enacted the Dark Curse. This is the big reveal. How did they do this? By ripping out Charmings heart and throwing it in the pot. But DON'T WORRY — MAGIC! — Snow White has Regina rip her own heart out, split it in half and stick each the respective halves inside herself and Charming. Charming lives! Surprise, surprise.

However as silly as that whole scene was, it still hit me in the chest cavity where my heart once was because it had Snow and Charming crying at each other. It's like watching two baby kittens realize they're NOT getting that can of tuna you just opened. They adorably wail, and cry and roll around on each other and it's just SO DAMN CUTE. At this point these two are so good at loving on each other on camera they can sell the whole double heart split surgery. Even though the whole thing falls apart the second you think about it, it's still quite fun to watch.


But wait, how did they lose their memories? Before the curse was complete, Zelena snuck in and dumped a memory-loss potion into the pot. And apparently, that works! Then she lickedy-split made a memory-keeper potion that allowed her to keep her memories during the dark curse transition. She makes another potion for Rumps. Alas the Dark One doesn't get to drink it because in a particularly clever move, NEAL returns via Rumps' body and tells his bird friend George to send it to Hook (who will then give the potion to Emma).


This moment really works — even the bird whispering. I loved it, fun fairy-tale reveals. I actually really loved this episode as a whole. Despite the whole "magic fixes everything" stuff, it still provided answers. Something we've been waiting for, for a long time. And that is great. My remaining questions are thus, can we please get more Glinda and does this mean that Hooks's lips are still cursed?

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