Finally North America Can Watch Vikings Fight Aliens

Can you think of anything cooler than ancient Vikings fighting a giant alien monster? Of course not. In January, indie flick Outlander will give us some axes vs. space monster action.


We've been dying to see this movie all year - it's opened all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, but apparently was just too good for those of us in Canada and the States. At last the epic about a bunch of Vikings who fight a giant alien monster is set to arrive on Jan. 23 - or so Box Office Mojo promises. On the official Outlander blog, the creators write (a bit bitterly):

It seems that the Weinsteins have shoved the film off into their Third Rail releasing distribution arm where they send all the movies they don't care about. This isn't entirely surprising and fits comfortably with the Weinstein's reputation for being dismissive of genre films. For example they released Diary of the Dead under this label into a whole of 42 theaters...

While we don't have any details yet on how many theaters or where you will be able to see the film in the US, it's still fantastic that at least some of you will get to experience the film the way it was meant to be. And it also means it's one step closer for the rest of everyone else to get a chance.

The low-budget film has already made several million dollars in Europe, so it's doing pretty well for a film with no publicity and a lot of people in horned helmets meeting aliens. The concept is so cheesy/awesome, and the monsters in the clips we've seen look so cool, that I think Outlander is guaranteed to be a good time.


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