This is the first car of the future that isn't solely designed to keep you trapped in the city. The Liberator Car combines two technologies for maximum zoom. It's an electric car in the city, but then once you get out of town, it adapts to ride electric rails at high speeds. Yes, it's an electric car that turns into a monorail! Click through for another picture.


The Liberator, which totally should have huge weird nacelles sticking out of it and an onboard computer called Zen, is being developed by the Monomobile Co., based out of Cincinnati, with 10 other companies involved. At first, I thought that the bottom of the car hooked on to the rail and it zoomed along, but it's actually the car roof. (Photos are here.) I have to admit the idea of zooming along at 200 miles per hour in a car suspended from a rail is... sort of exhilerating. But I like the idea of zooming on a light rail and then, instead of having to get to your car, the rail car turns into your car. That's pretty neat. Images by AP/Mark Duncan.

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