Forget the tired Ghost Hunters franchise, Syfy has finally made a reality show that will actually freak you out. We've screened the first episode of Paranormal Witness and we can attest: This sh*t is scary!


Paranormal Witness reenacts real-life ghost stories, while the victims recount their horrific tales. Sure, this isn't a completely original idea, but when it works, it works. We watched PW at our office desk and we still got chills. Why? Because the stories make zero sense whatsoever. None. But this only gives the series credibility. Real-life ghost stories never make any sense. And if they do, that only means you're being lied to.

Take the pilot episode's Baltimore family, who recounts the chilling story of their daughter and her imaginary friend. This tale goes from imaginary ghost friend, smashed picture frames, faces in the window, cold shivers, to physical attacks on their child with no rhyme or reason. Is everything tied up in a bow, once the Dad discovers the skeletal remains of a child in their basement? Heck no — that family packed the hell up and suffered a financial loss for doing so. And it only makes the whole story that much more believable.


Each episode will contain a few stories. The pilot has two: the Baltimore "imaginary friend" ghost, and another Southern tale about a Mom and her daughter and a ghost girl stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the country. This show proves, once again, that ghost stories (especially when they're from normies like you and me) are fun to tell, and even better to hear.

Check it out the premiere tomorrow night (Sept 7th) at 10 PM on Syfy, or at the very least DVR the series so you have a go-to collection of ghost tales to freak you out over the coming Halloween month.

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