Final Proof That Brendan Fraser's Journey 3-D Was A Cop-Out

Here's a clip from At The Earth's Core that contains everything that was missing from the Brendan Fraser-starring Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3-D. Subterranean cave people in bikinis? Check. Fire-breathing monster, that inexplicably explodes when it falls off a ledge? Check. A brute named Jubal the Ugly? Oh yeah, check. Peter Cushing doing his Doctor Who impression, showing off his muscles and giving advice on women? Check check check. Brendan Fraser, aren't you a little embarrassed now?


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Charlie Jane Anders

@dOk: The Peter Cushing films came out after the TV show had started, and were very closely based on the first two Dalek stories. (Well, with some changes to the first one.) Cushing isn't an official second Doctor, since he's playing a version of the first Doctor. But he's up there with Trevor Martin as one of the great non-TV Doctors.