Final Leftovers Trailer Suggests Kevin Could Be the Reluctant New Messiah

Image: HBO
Image: HBO
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HBO has released the full trailer for the final season of The Leftovers, the post-apocalyptic saga that’s not “officially” about the Rapture... although come on, guys, it totally is. So, it should come as no surprise that the show’s got its own Jesus now. And it’s Kevin (Justin Theroux).

The Leftovers is coming back for its third and final season, and things are getting seriously Biblical. It takes place in the final days before the seven-year anniversary of the Sudden Departure, which is supposed to be the time when Revelations comes to pass. It’ll have fire, earthquake, floods, and the most dangerous thing of all... ABBA. But luckily, they’ve got Kevin on their side, who’s basically come back from the dead at least twice at this point. However, as the trailer points out, he so doesn’t want to be Jesus... even if he has the beard for it.

Check out the trailer below, which is definitely amping up the intensity in the final moments before the End of Days. The Leftovers returns April 16.


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What’s gonna kill me is whether that mysterious caller is referring to Nora’s adopted children... or the ones she lost in the Departure. Betcha I never get an answer, either.

I managed to avoid watching Lost because I read a Lindelof interview that swore there wouldn’t be any answers. I recognize that some answers would ruin the series, but I still hope we get enough that I do not regret giving him another shot.