Final Dollhouse Trailer Kicks 100 Percent More Ass

Here's a revised version of the trailer for Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, which explains the show's concept much more clearly and features a lot more ass-whuppin'. Plus, parachuting and assassining. The show's central conceit — that these "Actives" are blank slates who can be programmed to have any skillset or emotion — comes out really clearly. Plus it gives a hint of one of the show's main sources of conflict. Those of you who had a tepid response to the first version should check this one out. [Whedonesque, via Damon/Zeitgeist]


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@psych0fred: Others have already pointed out the flaws in that approach, well as some of the ways they showed their lack of faith in the show.

The problem is that most genre shows cost a lot of money to make and that raises the stakes for it's performance. Currently, the networks are fighting over a rapidly diminishing market share and the only reason genre shows are getting a nod is because they're trying to find SOMETHING to grab eyeballs from all the other forms of entertainment options out there.

If a genre fan like me only just found out what Dollhouse is from this trailer (and I did), how well is Fox promoting the show? How likely is it to succeed? And many people are downloading it and watching it, instead of watching it live? How many are watching it on their TiVo or DVR? The whole content and distribution model of TV is rapidly changing, due both to technology and changes in the industry (owed in large part to changes in media ownership laws). Something is going to have to change...and soon.

This could be really good...or it could be a poor man's Alias. Guess we'll see.