Check out the latest batch of wacky Rube Goldbergian death-traps in the trailer for Final Destination 5 formerly known as the way funnier 5nal Destination. Watch the bloody, but predictable, mayhem.

First up, hooray Tony Todd. We love the Candyman, and we'll follow his silky voice to the ends of the Earth. Second, looks like the big epic almost-cause-of-death in this Final Destination is a bridge accident. What contract in hell did Warner Brothers sign to force them to keep making basically the same film, over and over again? Was this the Devil's trade-off for Dark Knight? Methinks it's time to put this sick dog down, or at least have the gumption to set the next Final Destination flick in space, Jason X style.


Ah well, it's terrible — but apparently some of you are watching it. So here you go. Final Destination 5 will be in theaters August 12th 2011.

Via Attack of the Show