Filmmakers Built a Gigantic Fake Boat at an Airport For Kong: Skull Island's Ocean Scenes

The Academy Awards are still a few months away, but it’s already time for Hollywood to start reminding the world of all the great work it did over the past year. That includes all of the amazing achievements in visual effects, as this breakdown of how FX Studio Hybride faked a giant ocean-going armada for Kong: Skull Island.


The studio’s work on the film didn’t involve bringing the giant ape to life, but it did help realize other creatures that inhabit Skull Island. However, the most interesting reveal in this behind-the-scenes look is that the filmmakers built a full-size freighter at an airport that was eventually digitally transplanted into the oceans surrounding the island. Sometimes it’s fascinating to see exactly how Hollywood spends those hundred million dollar budgets.

[YouTube via Art of VFX]

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I expected to hate this movie and it was probably the most fun I’ve seen this year (seeing Thor tonight so might have to revise that statement). Everything was surprising, especially John C. Reilly’s character.

Give it prizes, The Academy.