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Filling your forehead with saline solution is the grossest way to cosplay as a Klingon

Have you ever wished to dress up as Worf, but are too hem to glue pretzel sticks to your noggin? Simply travel to Japan and attend a saline forehead injection party. For one magical night, your cranium will be distended and pliant, like a giant gag-inducing block of liverwurst. You can even transform your dome into a bloated flesh bagel. Truly the dapper look for your Second Rite of Ascension!


National Geographic recently profiled this body modification technique on their television program Taboo, and as journalist and saline-injection pioneer Ryoichi Maeda told Vice of the process in 2009:

It's quite easy — we use medical saline solution and using infusion we pump it into the forehead for about two hours, or until it's ready [...] Everyone I know who has done it, no matter how many times, their skin has gone back to exactly how it was before [...For the bagel-head look,] you just press your thumb in to the middle of the forehead while the saline is being pumped in, and that creates the donut, bagel effect. I've read reports of people colouring the infusions as well but I don't think there's any truth to those claims, it must be the way the light is shining on someone in the photo, or something.


Maeda has also witnessed saline partygoers attempt, well, scrotal injections. I really hope this catches on with suburban teenagers, and American society ends up with an omnipresent horde of Toxic Avenger lookalikes at every sweet sixteen and sock hop from Kutztown to Kalamazoo. More photos can be found at Bizarre magazine.

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