"Fight Girl" Invades New York Theatre-Land

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Forget about your Hairsprays, High School Musicals and definitely your Mama Mias — The soon-to-be-hottest new ticket in the world of New York Theater is Fight Girl Battle World, running throughout the month of March. The show — produced by the Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company — describes itself as "Star Wars meets Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," and promises an "outer space trip you won't want to miss!" Find out why after the jump.

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Fight Girl Battle World is about the last human woman searching the galaxy for the last human man before extinction rears its ugly head. The cast includes the obligatory sarcastic robot sidekick, and the show mixes live-action actors, multimedia and even puppetry to bring audiences a particularly comic-book take on future dystopia. Considering the show is brought to you by the same team that produced last year's successful Men of Steel show, you might've expected that, but writer Qui Nguyen isn't resting on past geek laurels to create the story for the new play:

Scifi asks for so much more than just clever lines and cool kung fu moves. It asks for you to be at the top of your creative game ready to make up shazbat every step of the way. And that stuff has to be both awesomely original, but also thoroughly clear. We've all seen Sci-fi that's infinitely creative, but boring (or confusing) as all heck to watch (Take for example, films like Ultraviolet, Battlefield Earth, Aeon Flux). Creativity gotsa be balanced with good story, good characters, and, for me, a good amount of humor. Playing this hard at being both wildly out-of-this-world yet also staunchly dramaturgically grounded can often leave one's brain feeling a lot like microwaved pudding.


Sponsored by April's New York Comicon, the show has a preview on March 6th, before opening for the official run on March 9th at Center Stage, 48 West 21st Street in New York City. Fight Girl Battle World [Vampire Cowboys.com]

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Chris Braak

Huh. I saw a Vampire Cowboys production when I was living in New York. I don't remember what it was called, or about, so I guess that's no help.

I remember the performance being extremely enthusiastic, though.