Illustration for article titled Fermilab physicists about to announce the discovery of a new force beyond what we know - updated with video!

At 5:00 PM Eastern, Fermilab scientists will announce a major discovery. The early word is that this is not the Higgs boson, but instead something completely unexpected.


Update: Here's the link to the complete presentation by University of Illinois researcher Viviana Cavliere. We'll warn you right now - it's very technical and very cautious. We'll have more soon once we've wrapped our heads around all this.

Speaking to the AFP before the announcement, project physicist Giovanni Punzi offered this early comment:

"There could be some new force beyond the force that we know. If it is confirmed, it could point to a whole new world of interactions.

"The Higgs-boson is a piece that goes into the puzzle that we already have. Whereas this is something that goes a little bit beyond that — a new interaction, a new force. [This] is decaying in normal quarks. It has different features. One thing we know for sure — it is not the Higgs-boson. That is the only thing we know for sure."


Via AFP.

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