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Felicia Day spills the beans on her brand new internet empire

Illustration for article titled Felicia Day spills the beans on her brand new internet empire

In 2007, Felicia Day launched her internet gaming webseries The Guild. Five years and oodles of fans later, she's now unveiling her absolutely nefarious plot to become the Tycoon of the Internet.


This morning saw the debut of Geek & Sundry, Day's new YouTube channel that showcases everything from Hellboy cartoons to a science fiction book club to Wil Wheaton's own gaming show.

Here's the conversation io9 recently had with Day about all things Geek and Sundry. Also, check out the new Guild music video and some full episodes of G&S's shows below.


Where did the bolt from the blue that is Geek and Sundry come from?

It wasn't so much a bolt as much as it was an opportunity. Last year, when I was working on The Guild, Dragon Age, and Eureka, I was presented with a lot of options in the TV world. At the same time, YouTube was taking meetings around Los Angeles. I decided to devote myself to webseries — they're more challenging, but they're more appealing to me.

I went in and pitched a slate of programming (on PowerPoint!) and they picked Geek and Sundry as one of the channels. It's a dream come true, because there are plenty of people with ideas for web shows, but they may not have a place for them. The idea for Geek and Sundry is to find a big enough audience to add even more shows under our umbrella.

Will the sixth season of The Guild be part of the Geek and Sundry line-up?

The Guild Season 5 is part of the Geek and Sundry slate, and we'll be releasing brand new bonus material with each week's rollout. The future of The Guild is what I'll be turning my eye to after the launch, but we'll definitely be having some announcements about that in the coming months.

What can we expect from TableTop, Wil Wheaton's gaming show?

It's a show Wil and I developed. It's unique in that it's a long-form show for YouTube, at 25-30 minutes every week. It definitely goes against the trend, but I think audiences are ready for more substantial content on their browsers. TableTop is packed with gaming celebrities and independent game creators. This is a huge subculture that really doesn't have a vehicle to rally around or educate people with. I'm really hoping that people discover games that they like and post their experiences with the game. All of these shows are designed to foster community outside of the shows.

And what's up with the Dark Horse Motion Comics show?

That was perfect timing. I've been writing Guild comics with Dark Horse. They found a great creator who developed motion comic technology that allows comics to be animated in a way that hasn't been accomplished before, but they didn't have a place for these motion comics.


When it came to pitch the Geek and Sundry slate, the Dark Horse motion comics were a great fit. We'll have Hellboy, The Goon, Conan, and some amazing one-offs.

What show on the Geek and Sundry slate will really take audiences by surprise?

All of our shows are designed to be very different from each other. I'm starting my own weekly video blog, The Flog. I'm also hugely invested in the book show Sword & Laser, which takes the book club podcast and turns it into a 30-minute video podcast.


We also have a show called Written By A Kid debuting in July. Kids from 5-8 years old tell a science fiction or fantasy story on the spot, and we then depict their story using directors from all backgrounds, from live-action to animation. That could be a real breakout for us.

For the full Geek and Sundry schedule and roster, check out the G&S website and YouTube channel.


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Oh God, sign me up for "Written by a Kid". Such an awesome concept. Kids are masters at thinking up entertaining stories. They are not really good at coherent or deep stories, but man do they sometime beat Hollywood directors when it comes to entertainment.