Today we've got more announcements from San Diego Comic-Con - Friday's schedule is up, and it includes a panel of writers who have worked on some of the best scifi and fantasy in the multiverse.

You can check out the full Friday SDCC schedule here. And it features the media writer geek's panel to end all panels (moderated by yours truly). It's called "Girls Gone Genre," but you know what? This is a panel of smart writers who happen to be women, who work on some of the most popular TV, film, and comic book titles in pop culture. And they're at SDCC to talk to you about writing, editing, and producing. So come out and learn something from masters of the genre!


Here's the panel description:

Girls Gone Genre: Movies, TV, Comics Web

Meet and talk with women who write, read, game and perform in arenas that are historically and statistically dominated by men. What's it like to try and get a job in a field where most of your competition and colleagues are guys? Can women write men, and vice versa? And what happens when traditionally "male" genres are reinvented by female writers, and embraced by female fans?

Sex and the City it ain't. Come meet the women who like to play with trucks *and* Barbies. And Wolverine action figures. And flux capacitors.

- Felicia Day - Writer/Producer "The Guild" (web series and comic), Actress "The Guild," "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," "Dollhouse," "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog."
- Kathryn Immonen - Writer: "Patsy Walker: Hellcat," "Runaways," "Heralds
- Laeta Kalogridis - Screenwriter/Producer: Shutter Island , Ghost in the Shell, Bionic Woman, Avatar
- Marti Noxon - Screenwriter/Producer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Mad Men, Fright Night
- Melissa Rosenberg - Screenwriter/Producer: Dexter, The Twilight Saga
- Gail Simone - Writer: "Wonder Woman," "Birds of Prey"
- Annalee Newitz - Writer/Editor:, "She's Such A Geek"


The panel is from 5-6 on Friday, in Room 24ABC.