Feel the Adventure of H.G Wells' The Time Machine In This Beautiful New Poster

H.G. Wells has inspired people’s imaginations for a century. There’s not an art form out there that hasn’t been touched by his brilliant, fascinating stories like The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, The Island of Doctor Moreau or, most famously, The Time Machine.

That last one, which is arguably Wells’ most noteworthy work, is the subject of a brand new poster by artist Julien Lois. Printed by Nautilus Art Prints in Belgium, these dynamic, colorful posters will be on sale January 22 at this link. Check them out.


This is the 24 x 36 inch regular in an edition of 200. It’ll cost about $56.

And this is the variant. Also 24 x 36 in an edition of 100. It costs about $84.

Lois’ composition is what makes this poster shine. He takes multiple aspects of the story and seamlessly blends them into a single image, where they all flow together and provide a real sense of adventure.


For more on the artist, visit his site.

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