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When the Z-Wars get ugly, you'll want a bird feeder made of real human ashes to keep those zombie birds distracted. Luckily, one of U.K. designer Nadine Jarvis' recent projects is this teardrop-shaped bird feeder made of real bird feed and human ashes. It's part of a larger project she's doing on the post-mortem world.


The University of London grad won a $20,000 grant from the Design Museum in 2006 and spent that money to set up a design studio and delve into different ways to express death. Aside from the bird feeder, there's a ceramic urn that disintegrates over the course of three years and pencils made from the carbon in human remains. Jarvis lives in London, but her artifacts of death have been traveling all over the world, from the Paul Smith store in Milan to Funeria in the US.

Nadine Jarvis main page via NotCot


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