Feed Your Watchmen Action Figure Addiction on the Cheap

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We were trolling one of our favorite Watchmen sites recently and noticed that the movie’s action figures are available for pre-order at about 20 bucks a piece. Because we are itching to reenact, say, the Doc Manhattan fighting in ’Nam scene a casa, we naturally need them all—and, well, that’s gonna add up. So instead of handing over cash to The Man for some PVC, we scavenged the net for Watchmen papercraft. And…mission accomplished! We've got pointers to the best Watchmen papercraft how-tos — along with a handy ratings chart so you know which superhero matches your paper folding skills. Just what is papercraft? It’s is an addictive art (skill?) in which you fold together pieces of paper to construct an action figure. (Many folks out on the web helpfully provide easy-to-use PDF designs to help you make the toy.) Think of it as stylin’ 3D origami, only pop culturey. All you need is access to a color printer, heavy paper, and some clear tape. EASY Rorschach [via Toy a Day] Doctor Manhattan Batman A dude from V Hellyboy MODERATE Grand Theft Auto IV scene [via Papercraft World] Young Link from The Legend of Zelda HARD Iron Man [via Paperkraft] Star Wars ships [Papercraft World] Image courtesy of Invasores Espaciales



Heres some Aliens papercraft.