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Suzanne Collins gave Mockingjay a distinctly definite ending, but she left out some details between the book's final events and its epilogue. The folks behind the fan film Star Squad want to return to Panem take an authorized look at the further tribulations of Katniss Everdee.


If you haven't finished the books, there are spoilers for Mockingjay below.

At the end of Mockingjay Collins briefly mentions that Katniss is put on trial for the assassination of District 13's President Coin. Seizing on this note, a trio of filmmakers wishes to make Star Squad, which will follow Katniss' trial. The movie, which will be feature-length, will also focus on the remnants of Squad 451 (the titular Star Squad) as they work to rebuild the war-torn nation.


Since this is an authorized fan-film, the crew won't be looking to make a profit, but they are asking for donations on Indie GoGo. They've got a long ways to go before they hit their $65,000 goal, but if you donate $250 or more, you'll get to sit in on the trial of Katniss Everdeen during filming and watch Hunger Games history being made.

The hopeful filmmakers include Woody Tondorf, writer and producer of Elevator Show, Caroline Framke, a writer on Hulu's The Morning After, and Brendan Bradley, creator of the series Squatters. May the odds be ever in their favor.

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