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We’re just getting to know the cast of The Walking Dead spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead, and two of the main characters are siblings Nick and Alicia Clark. He’s a drug addict and college dropout, she’s a high-achieving student headed for Berkeley. They told us why he’s better suited for the zombie apocalypse.


We spoke with Fear the Walking Dead stars Frank Dillane, who plays Nick Clark, and Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Nick’s sister Alicia, during a press roundtable this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. Dillane explained why his character, for all his troubles, may have an easier time adjusting to the zombie outbreak than others:

He probably will do quite well in this world. He’s got really nothing to lose and that’s why I think it’s a good way to approach the apocalypse. He’s been living in chaos for a long... you know addicts, heroine addicts, they’re constantly living with life and death. That’s where they revolve. It’s always life or death. And I think that’s quite an easy transition.


A moment later, he elaborated:

If you’re [not] a junkie, you have how many problems? Am I tall enough? Does my mom love me? If you’re a junkie, you’ve got just one problem: Where’s my next fix? So I think that single-mindedness, that simplicity of action, I think he’ll fare well. Or not. Or not.

Debnam-Carey agreed that her driven, top-student character would probably have a harder time transitioning to a world ruled by the undead:

I’ve got everything to lose. Like Frank just said [gestures to Frank], you’ve got nothing to lose.


Fear the Walking Dead premieres August 23, 2015 on AMC.


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