Fear the Walking Dead Just Had Its Own Red Wedding

This hotel is not a happy place on Fear the Walking Dead. Image: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
This hotel is not a happy place on Fear the Walking Dead. Image: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

If a character on a popular genre show is looking to get hitched, you may want to brace yourself. On Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead, a seemingly happy wedding went horribly wrong and it was impossible not to think of the iconic scene from Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding.

The big difference, of course, is that on Thrones characters you knew and cared about died. On Fear the Walking Dead, it was a cold open featuring all new characters. Viewers recognized the setting, though. It was the Mexican hotel we saw Madison and Strand desperately trying to escape at the end of the previous episode.

Viewers won’t get the full answer to their cliffhanger until the next episode but we did learn more about the hotel. Like the fact a very nice wedding was happening just as the virus began to spread. The father of the bride had a heart attack and, after dying, bit his daughter—the bride’s—face off. (Remember in Walking Dead world everyone has the virus so even if you die naturally, you turn.) That started a chain reaction of zombie madness which was quickly thwarted when the hotel manager Elena locked everyone into the room.


Fast-forward to our main characters arriving and Alicia meets Elena. She’s filled with regret for, you know, ending a wedding in a blood bath and is forced to atone for her actions by the groom and mother of the bride, in this clip.

Oh, and the episode ended with Chris killing a guy in cold blood. Lots of happy on Fear the Walking Dead these days!

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Unsure why I clicked this story. The show sucks, still. The main characters don't seem to get it, it's a different world now. Based on this clip alone, I'm still rooting for the zombies.