Fear the Walking Dead Just Had Its Best Action Scene Yet

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If you didn’t fall asleep in the first half of Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, you were rewarded with one of the best scenes in the series to date—a tense action scene with a pretty big revelation at the end.

You can watch it in the clip above, but basically Daniel and the kids went on shore to pillage some supplies from a washed-up plane crash (Flight 462, which you probably remember seeing as a miniseries online or during commercials for The Walking Dead). While there, Nick got into some trouble, killed a few walkers, and found himself covered in blood.

The result is a truly fantastic action scene, where the group has to fight their way back to safety. Then, at the end, Nick realizes something it took their Atlanta counterparts a while to figure out: zombies don’t attack you if you think they’re one of them. The moment of Nick staring down the walker may be my favorite moment in the show to date.

Now, this is all well and good, but it came in the middle of an episode that was basically a metaphor for the entire series. I’ve long criticized the show for not being propulsive, so I laughed when I realized the full episode was about Strand’s yacht, the Abigail, actually being stalled. As you can see above, though, Travis unclogged the drain and the group was back on the move by the end. Whether or not that too will be mirrored in the series is yet to be seen.

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You mean by the end of episode 3? Where Glenn and Rick cover themselves in walker guts to get to the vans??