Fear the Walking Dead Gets Dangerously Close to a Zombie-nado

Two stabs for Alicia on Fear the Walking Dead.
Two stabs for Alicia on Fear the Walking Dead.
Photo: AMC
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If you haven’t watched Fear the Walking Dead in a while, this new trailer is going to be surprising. The first half of the fourth season started with a big change and now it’s just getting more and more permanent. Many of the characters are new; Kim Dickens’ main character Madison is gone. There’s a much grittier, grosser vibe. And, as you’ll see in its new trailer, there’s also a storm so bad zombies start flying through the air.

Check it out:

Executive producer Scott M. Gimple described the back half of season four as “Sad, funny, strange, beautiful” as well as “scary and screwed up.” To be fair, the footage shown today backs that up pretty solidly.


Starring Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lennie James, Jenna Elfman, Maggie Grave, Garret Dillahunt, Colman Domingo, and others, Fear the Walking Dead returns on August 12.

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It’s a shame that Scott Gimple completely and utterly ruined this show. FTWD’s third season was absolutely amazing. It was far, far better than its parent show. And then, with this current season, they just tore down all that brilliance.

I simply resolved to stop watching after this past mid-season finale. Sometimes a radical shift in characters and story development can be a good thing. And sometimes it ends up being an extraordinarily awful mess, as is the case with FTWD. They may as well have renamed the show, ‘cause it’s definitely not the same show it had been prior to Gimple’s takeover.