Father Teaches his Son Klingon as a First Language

Some parents try to teach their infant children a foreign language, but d'Armond Speers took his son's linguistic education to a whole new level. Speers claims that he spoke to his son only in Klingon for the first three years of the boy's life. Not only did his son start parroting the alien language; Speers' interest in Klingon has also landed him a job. When a dictionary and translation software company called Ultralingua sought to create applications based on a Klingon dictionary, they turned to Speers, who is a software consultant and expert in computational linguistics. [Minnesota Daily via City Pages via Reddit]


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Every one who says this is child abuse really needs to get a clue. Having dealt with child abuse of different forms all of my life, I can say this is not child abuse. First off saying that the kid could not socialize with other kids. BS. I watch kids who speak only Navajo or Spanish or English socialize just fine without speaking a common language. And this guy sang lullabies to his kid. I don't know any guys these days who sing lullabies. He showed an interest and a great deal of kindness and love for his son from the sounds of the article.

You want abuse try dealing with a child who is so desperate for physical contact that when she hugs you she won't let go, or a girl who's father's words at her birth were "Great. Now I get to try incest" and hung her outside windows by her hair.

One six year old I dealt with could barely talk and you are all bitching that his man interacted with his kid and taught him Klingon for three years. Its no different then teaching the kid to speak Latin or Xhosa in a predominately English speaking society.

Language : Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. Its all made up.