Father And Son Bonding Amidst The Road's Cannibals and Crazies

New brown-hued stills from The Road up the post apocalypse movie ante - Your move, McG. I'm more eager to see John Hillcoat's movie adaption of Cormac McCarthy's novel than I would be for a dozen Terminator sequels. Click through to see the a gallery of pictures from the movie including, the wife.

In The Road a father and son make their way through a burned out America heading to the coast with only a push cart and the clothes on their backs. The vision of a world of nothing is inescapable in these grim stills from the movie. Viggo Mortensen, cast as the father, promises a gritty clinging-to-the-coattails-of-survival performance the likes of which we've never seen.


The Road devastates its characters with the end of options, the end of possibility. In this new burned-out world, nothing could be grown, the snow was gray, the only possessions worth having were food and clothes. It's that vast emptiness that allows the reader to focus excruciatingly closely on the father-and-son relationship. I can't wait to see Mortensen lose his shit on his fellow travelers and try and avoid the cannibal posse that's hot on his trail.

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