Faster-Than-Light Camera Records Your Future

A camera that can see almost three years into the future might sound like a crazy hoax, but here's the proof. Enitech's new Gardner Project uses tachyons to cut through space time and see 1,191 days into the future. And now you too can get involved.

The Enitech team is seeking suggestions of where to point their amazing future-cam next. What landmarks would you like to look at the future of? Perhaps you'd like to know if your ex's dog-grooming business will still go under in a couple years, so you can gloat in advance. Just be warned: the "observer effect" dictates that by witnessing the future, we may change it. Luckily, so far the camera has only revealed bright futures of urban renewal, gentrification and runaway construction.


So what would you like to see through the future cam?


papercup mixmaster

I submit the definitive proof that this is faked - well, but faked: a Wikipedia search for any derivation of Enitech Research results in precisely nothing. They should have at least generated a stub on Wikipedia, to cover all their bases.