An Italian company called Geox is marketing shoes and outerwear that are packed with patented technologies invented for use by astronauts in space. A semi-permeable membrane lines each shoe and jacket. The membrane is riddled with micro-pores big enough to vent sweat, but small enough to prevent water from getting into the shoe. Geox's shoes are popular with celebs like Angelina Jolie and the Pope, and Geox chairman Mario Moretti Polegato enlightens us as to why:

The name 'Geox' [is] from the Greek word geo for 'earth,' and 'x,' the letter symbolizing technology. Wearing these shoes makes you feel you are walking barefoot on earth and without the stink.


The best part? There are thigh-high suede boots fitted out with this space-age micro-pore crap. I hope the boys up in the International Space Station are strutting around in those.

Space-age shoewear [via The Manila Standard]