Octopi and seagulls have an eat-or-be-eaten relationship; either one could easily be the predator or prey in the right situation. It's common enough to see gulls snatching sea critters out of the ocean, but these photos capture something a bit different: an octopus pulling a seagull beneath the water and into its gullet.


A bird-watcher caught these photos at Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria, BC. That's a small version of the Giant Pacific Octopus, which can grow to be 100 pounds. Even at this size, however, it's strong enough to nab a struggling seagull. The birdwatcher's impulse was to save the gull, but she readily took these photos as her consolation prize. It's a shame she didn't get a video, but these photos are fascinating nonetheless. See more on the BirdFellow journal.

Who's up for lunch? A Gull-eating Octopus in Victoria, BC [BirdFellow via MetaFilter]

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