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Creator of Farscape Rockne S. O'Bannon set the internet ablaze by announcing a new television series with Syfy. So what could this mysterious project be? A whole new space opera or the Alien Nation reboot we've been waiting years for?


On April 16th, Rock O'Bannon twittered this little news tidbit:

Great meeting at Syfy yesterday. New project. HUGE. New series. Very excited. Very, very excited.


Fantastic! We love O'Bannon's work and we're excited to hear about new scripted shows for Syfy. Our gut tells us that this might be an original series. And with Stargate Universe canceled (and no hope for a Stargate TV movie on the horizon) Syfy needs a new original space alien series. Being Human has filled the supernatural drama slot nicely, new superhero show Alphas hopes to fill the superhero void at Syfy, and Blood & Chrome could hopefully herald the return of quality space opera programming. But with Stargate gone there is a distinct lack of alien interaction on Syfy. And O'Bannon knows aliens. We suspect Syfy is dreaming up a new alien-centric series. Or perhaps, dusting off the Alien Nation reboot they've been kicking around for a few years.

Last we heard about Syfy's new Alien Nation series was in 2009 from Programming President Mark Stern. Firefly's Tim Minear was putting a slightly lighter spin on the spotted aliens from our past. But mind you, this was two years ago, and even then Stern made it known that the project was going to take a lot of time to get just right.

When it was mentioned that Tim Minear was going to dabble with the Starsky and Hutch feel to Alien Nation, people were a bit surprised. They thought the show would be going darker. Can you give our readers an idea what you and Tim have in mind for Alien Nation?

You know it's very early, but I do think what Tim wants to do, which is very much what Ron Moore and David Eick did with Battlestar, is take what was great about that franchise, which was obviously the relationship between these two different people and these two different cultures, and find a way to make it relevant to the things we care about today. Is it going to be darker? I don't know what the tone is going to be yet, honestly. Tim is not a dark writer, he comes from a very different place. He wants it to be more than just frivolous and silly. It's going to have to attack a lot of the same themes that the original series and the movie did. But it really has to feel like there's something new there, like this isn't the same old. I wish I could give you more specifics, but we really just had that first pitch meeting with him where he said, "This is what we want to do," and we said, "That sounds fantastic. Let's do it." Now it's really about him pulling it together.


So is it finally time? Is this why Syfy took O'Bannon off the bench? Granted he did say that this would be a "new project" and that it was a "new series" but that can easily apply to a reboot.You can't deny that the one element Syfy seems to be missing is alien interaction. So we're betting (and hoping) for an O'Bannon alien project.

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