Farscape Comes To Comics With A Boom!

Wondering what to expect from Boom! Studio's new series of Farscape comics? According to show creator and writer of the new comic series Rockne O'Bannon, fans should expect to find everything that they loved about the original TV show . . . and more.Talking to Boom! editor-in-chief Mark Waid about the series at Newsarama, O'Bannon explained that the new comic series picks up where the television show left off, in terms of both tone and timeline:

I'm personally looking at this as if it were the next season of the series. I would hope that fans will approach the comics as if they are reading scripts from upcoming episodes — except that there is also great art accompanying the words. And the possibility of paper cuts. Other than that, it's very much the same Farscape... The story contained in the first set of four comics focuses on Crichton and Aeryn and their newborn son, as well as those characters who stayed aboard Moya at the end of the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series. Talk about continuing the saga from the television series — the comics pick up immediately after the close of The Peacekeeper Wars. It's that contiguous.


And if you're wondering how O'Bannon finds writing the series as a comic instead of a television show, the answer is somewhat unsurprising:

I'm finding that adapting the Farscape world to this different medium is actually quite freeing — because unlike producing episodes for weekly television, I don't have to limit my imagination at all. Environments, creatures, events that I might have had to tone down or eliminate altogether on an hour TV budget are all readily available to me now.

The series launches in November. Mark Waid & Rockne S. O'Bannon on Boom's Farscape [Newsarama]

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