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Farscape Celebrates 10 Years Of Frelling Awesomeness

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The Henson Company and Boom! studios celebrate ten years of Farscape, broke a world record, geeked out on the new Farscape comics (and webisodes!), and confirmed that the Fraggle Rock film and Dark Crystal sequel will hit theaters in 2011.


Frell me, the new Farscape anniversary box set looks cool. 90+ minutes of deleted scenes, 29 episode commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes aplenty — and of course, Farscape Undressed, hosted by Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Rygel and Pilot.

Illustration for article titled Farscape Celebrates 10 Years Of Frelling Awesomeness

Brian Henson lost no time in telling us that the Fraggle Rock feature film and the Dark Crystal sequel, The Power Of The Dark Crystal, were both slated to be released in 2011. He is a busy guy these days, splitting his time between working these two films and the new Farscape projects.

Henson and co. also confirmed that not only was the comic series coming out (which was announced at NYCC this year) but several webisodes were in the works. Henson said that while they had tossed around the idea of a spin-off, a film, or even an animated series, webisodes just seemed to be the perfect fit. He says:

we're just more interested in continuing the established story than in deviating into a spin-off. These short, non-linear webisodes will be the launching pad for for the next major chapter of Farscape. It's about family; the continuing story of of Aeryn, Crichton, and their son.

Creator and director Rockne S. O'Bannon reveals that

the webisodes actually come, chronologically, before the comics. We stared work on the webisodes first, so we could figure out where they fit on the Farscape timeline. And THATS where the comics start.


Stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black shared their favorite muppets moments and talked about the frelling awesomeness of working with Brian Henson. "I just wanted to work with the frog." Browder confesses. Henson comends the actors for taking a huge leap of faith in working with the creatures.

All we had when they joined the cast were sketches, no muppets. Working with the creatures is have to treat them with respect, they have to be real to you. Although, in all fairness I have to admit my favorite moments in Farscape are when Claudia smacks Rygel upside the head."


Black agrees the experience was satisfying.

It was great to finally get my hands on Rygel! but really, I think it truly speaks to the talent of the creators that they were able to create these tender,emotional scenes with nothing more than rubber and latex.

Illustration for article titled Farscape Celebrates 10 Years Of Frelling Awesomeness

There was one final surprise; A representative from The Guinness Book Of World Records presented the series creators with an award for "Most Visual Effects In A Television Series."


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Any ideas how much the box set is going to cost? Will owning Farscape on DVD finally be (reasonably) affordable?

Also, this is clearly the best TV Space Opera of all time.