Fare Thee Well, Space Travelers

Hey, guys—long time no talk. Managing io9 is such a full-time job that it’s been tough to communicate with you all, let alone write things, such as “Postal Apocalypse.” This has bummed me out for a long time. Which is why I’m stepping down as chief of io9.

I love io9 and its tireless staff, and I love all of you denizens lurking in the comments (okay, not all the denizens, but a lot of you). But I also love writing so much, including writing for io9. The flip side is that I can’t run the site simultaneously.

I first came to io9 in 2012, and so much has happened since then. There was the saga of the site moving to Kinja, the saga of the site becoming part of Gizmodo, the departure of both of io9's founders, a financial body slam by a certain professional wrestler, and, of course, Batman v Superman. It’s been a ride, and I wouldn’t have traded my time here for anything.


When Charlie Jane left and I took over in April 2016, it was immediately (and I mean immediately) declared that io9 had instantly become a garbage fire. I’d like to think that that wasn’t the case, or that if it was the case that at least I kept the fire manageable. If nothing else, I have made at least one brilliant decision—and that was hiring Jill Pantozzi, who will be taking over the site. I couldn’t be leaving it in better hands.

To James, Cheryl, Beth, Germain, Charles, Evan, Julie, and Jill; to my O.G. comrades Lauren Davis, Meredith Woerner, Robbie Gonzalez, and George Dvorsky; to everyone in-between; to Katharine Trendacosta, who kept me sane even while she failed to do the same for herself; to Cyriaque Lamar, who kept me from blowing my chance here; and most of all, to Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz, who gave me that chance: I thank you all. And I thank you all, too, for putting up with my nonsense for the last five and a half years. And this may not be the very last of me: I’d like to still do some writing here, and I think I have a good inside track, so here’s hoping.

Good-bye, guys, but hopefully I’ll see you soon



Rob Bricken was the Editor of io9 from 2016-18, the creator of the poorly named but fan-favorite news site Topless Robot, and now writes nerd stuff for many places, because it's all he's good at.

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Katharine Trendacosta

Allow me to debunk the idea that a) Rob didn’t try his hardest to keep ME sane and b) that I in any way succeeded in keeping him sane. This was a very kind thing he said in a conversation with me and James, couched in reproach that I was incapable of taking praise while in the middle of SDCC planning.